Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dream DRM Receiver (Commercial Stations)

The DREAM software allows you to receive digital AM. My softrock V8.3 receiver works perfectly and the clarity is beyond belief. No fading in this mode! I got the software from here.

DREAM has a schedule of radio programs that are current. All I have to do is set the LO of the softrock to the same frequency as in the schedule and Bob's your Uncle. You need to have a .bat file with "C:\Program Files\radio\DReam DRM Radio\dream" -c 4 (or -c 3) to start DREAM with the softrock. Also tick flip input spectrum tick box in system evaluation window.

Si570 USB Controller application by Tom DG8SAQ to set the frequency of the Si570. The setup parameters should be set to: Frequency Multiplier 4 and offset 0.04.

My .bat file is
cd "dream"
START dream -c 3
CD "C:\Program Files\Amateur Radio\USB Synth"
Start USB_Synth

My mp3 recording.

Another version that doesn't need the tuning application and controls the Softrock tuning directly here> DREAM Just use the -c 6 switch and all works 100%. Don't forget to select the Si570 as your radio.

My .bat file in the DREAM directory is
START dream -c 6

Check Mute Audio is not ticked under View-Evaluation Dialogue.
Select View-Stations Dialogue-Remote-Other-Elektor-Si570 AVR-USB.

more startup parameters for Dream.
Screen Shot 21:51 18/10/10
Screen Shot 20:42 3-10-12

Screen Shot 18:30 4-10-12